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    The Silk Road

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    Linyi-Pakistan International Freight Train was opened

    Linyi, May 5, 2016 (Linyi China)– Linyi-Pakistan International Freight Train went into service and departed from Linyi

    "The Belt and Road Initiatives" Help flying of linyi

    Once, in linyi of shandong province by means of opening to the outside world, from the multifunction, vessel and vehicle line "of" four came striding, developed into a prosperous commercial city of logistics.See today, the country "in"


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    Oversea Office

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    CCPIT - Linyi



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    The 11th China linyi industrial equipment exposition of 2016

    The exhibition profile The 11th China linyi industrial equipment expo 2016 will be held on May 28, 2016 solstice held in linyi international conference and exhibition center on May 30. The exhibition scope Display the main content: machine tools, plastics machinery and packaging equipment, mold and accessories, engineering machinery, construction machinery, engineering vehicles And so on. The exhibition content The exhibition scope Painted metal cutting machine, combination machine tools, machining and special machine tools, CNC machine tools, machining center, etc.; Taken the special machine tools and forging machine, bending machine, pipe bending machine, shearing machine, bending machines, presses, hydraulic press, electric spark wire cutting machine Bed, CNC engraving machine, hydraulic tensile machine, hydraulic broaching machine, related processing equipment, etc.; Taken the industrial robot, computer application technology, network technology, 3 d printing, automation technology and complete sets of equipment; Taken the new machine tool accessories, machine tool components, accessories and auxiliary equipment; Taken the measuring tool measuring tool, cutting tool, workpiece clamp device, abrasives, cutting oil, lubricating oil; Taken the rapid prototyping technology and equipment, inspection, measuring and test equipment, sheet metal, laser equipment; U all kinds of mold, mold material, mold standard parts, mold testing equipment and mould processing equipment; Taken the mold polishing technology and equipment, mould heat treatment technology and surface treatment technology and equipment; Taken the control system and flexible manufacturing systems, etc.;